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Coach Brian Krusinski

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer - National Strength & Conditioning Association

- Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Wayne State University

- Certified Speed and Agility Specialist - International Youth Conditioning Association

- 15+ years of training experience across all age groups; 8 thru 18 years old, Division 1 thru Junior College, minor and professional, adult fitness

- Grosse Pointe North High School Football Speed Coach & Track Speed, Block Start, & Hurdles Coach

Pillars of Always Repping SPT

To master your craft, you must master the fundamentals: movement, movement under load, acceleration, deceleration, & change of direction. In order to master these fundamentals, you need a consistent technique and a high level of repetitions. 

- With discipline and a high level of repetitions may feel repetitive, but that is how greatness is achieved. 

- Always represent yourself in a professional manner in all situations in life. You are your own billboard and you never know who is looking. 

- Always represent your organization, employer, and team professionally. You are a reflection of them as well and they depend on you just as you depend on them for success.


Model for Development by Age

Juniors: Ages 9-12

Speed, Agility, & Body Control

Players in the Junior age group typically lack proper coordination and control of their body. The priorities of this age range are learning how to start, stop, and change directions while in movement as well as learning the fundamentals of movement: squat, hinge, push, pull, jump, land, & carry

Intermediates: Ages 13 & Up

Strength, Mobility & Athleticism

Players in the Intermediate age group are usually in the peak of their growth process.  This often creates strength and mobility imbalances that can affect their overall-athleticism and hurt their performance.  Intermediates are also preparing for or already playing high school sports.  Sport-specific strength & mobility training is essential for maintaining and improving athleticism during their growth process as well as mitigating against the risk of injury.

Advanced: Collegiate Bound

High level Speed, Strength, Power, & Endurance

Players in the Advanced age group are generally through the bulk of their growth process and must separate themselves from the pack by increasing their explosive power, speed, strength and endurance.  In addition, our programs are designed to prepare athletes for collegiate athletic programs.

In-season Training

Performance Maintenance & Injury Prevention

No matter their age or level, all athletes must understand the importance of in-season training to maintain off-season progress, promote recovery, and to continue to prevent injury.  Progress made in the off-season is progress rapidly lost without continuing in-season training.

Mentoring Athletes for a Brighter Future: for Sports and for Life

•    Prepping student athletes for college sports by building programs they will encounter at the collegiate level
•    Building programs that help the athlete enhance their athleticism in their sport and prevent injury
•    Teaching how to run the 40, 60, and 100m dashes: proper set up & starting position, acceleration mechanics, transition to top speed, & deceleration
•    Teaching block starts & hurdles
•    Developing explosiveness through plyometrics, med balls, bands, weights, and sprint machines
•    Safely and effectively conducting age-appropriate strength, conditioning, speed, agility, and mobility programs across all sports to individuals, groups and teams

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