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Summer Program Sign-up

1. Click on the Self-Service button.
2. Create an account or login to your existing account. If you are creating a new account, please do so under your child's name. If you have multiple children you'd like to sign up create your account under your oldest child's name & reach out for further set up.
3. Click on your child's name in the side menu, go to payment information, and add your credit card.
4. To view the schedule, go to Book Sessions & Classes, click filter, select the fourth filter option, and filter by the Forerunner Hockey options.
5. Buy the corresponding package and use it to schedule in for the number of sessions in the package.


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Dryland & Treadmill programs are organized by age:

Age Groups: 9 & under, 13 & under, 14 & older

     On-Ice Camps & Clinics are run out of St. Clair Shores Civic Arena:

- Spring and Christmas camps focus on skating and skills development and include a 3v3 or 4v4 tournament

- Summer programs vary depending on the day and include general skills clinics, specific skills clinics, and high-level development camps

Please feel free to reach out with questions regarding which programs are best for your child.

Coach Matt Thomas

-Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine

- 15+ years of hockey experience including Division 1 ACHA and Division 1 Varsity hockey

- 6 years of personal & group training, skating & skills development, and hockey treadmill experience

- Head Coach of '09 SCS Saints Red & '12 Saints White 

"The Academy"

     Everything youth hockey players need to develop their game in one program:

- On-ice camps & clinics for Skills, Edgework, & Stride Development

- Hockey Treadmill Stride Technique & Power Skating 

- Hockey-specific Dryland Strength & Conditioning

- Hockey-specific Posture & Mobility evaluations

- Hockey Sense & Systems development



Building a Model

for a New Generation

of Youth Hockey Players

   The sport of hockey has changed a lot in recent years: speed, skill, and hockey sense are more important now than ever.  

   Youth hockey players have also changed a lot. For better or worse, the "old school" model of intense criticism and punishment doesn't work for most kids.  Hockey is a game of mistakes, and youth hockey players need the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them if they are ever going to get better.

  The Forerunner Hockey Academy model for development is built from my perspectives as a player, hockey trainer, and coach with the goal of helping every player I work with achieve their goals. 


Model for Development by Age

Juniors: Ages 8-11

Balance & Coordination

Players in the Junior age group typically lack proper ankle, hip, and core stability as well as the coordination necessary for a very high-speed, dynamic sport played on a knife's edge.  Proper balance and coordination training is essential for improving their edgework and stride development.

Intermediates: Ages 12-15

Strength, Mobility & Athleticism

Players in the Intermediate age group are usually in the peak of their growth process.  This often creates strength and mobility imbalances that can affect their overall-athleticism and hurt their performance.  Intermediates are also preparing for or already playing contact hockey.  Sport-specific strength & mobility training is essential for maintaining and improving athleticism during their growth process as well as mitigating against the risk of injury.

Advanced: 16 & Up

Conditioning & Power

Players in the Advanced age group are generally through the bulk of their growth process and must separate themselves from the pack by increasing their explosive power and acceleration as well as their overall aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

All Ages & Skills Levels

Speed, Skills & Hockey Sense

No matter their age or level, all hockey players must be steadily working towards improving their speed, skills, and hockey sense.  These attributes above all others require the most time to develop and therefore must be trained in an age-appropriate way at every level of development.




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