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Self-Service Guide

Step-by-step guide to managing your own account.

1. Click the Self-Service tab

This directs you to our client account management portal. From here you can buy and schedule in sessions

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3. Confirm Email & Log in

Once your account is created, go to your email and confirm your account in order to log in.

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5. View Schedule and Book Sessions

Click Book Sessions & Classes, click filter, select the fourth option, and filter by the program you are interested in.

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2. Click Create Account

Create an account under your or your child's name: whichever is applicable.

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4. Add Credit Card information

Click on your or your child's name in the top left corner, click Payment Information, & add your credit card info.

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6. Buy Corresponding Package

Click on the group you are interested in, buy the corresponding package, and use the sessions to book into future classes.

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Questions? We're happy to help:

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