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Speed & Power Skating 

Coach Kyle Lamont

  • 13+ years training hockey players from beginner to NHL level on the Woodway Ice Skating Treadmill

  • National Personal Training Institute: Strength Training and Nutrition Certified (2006)

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association: Sport Specific Certified (2007)

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science

Weekly 90-minute sessions:

$40 per session

$175 for 5-pack

$325 for 10-pack

Advanced: 13 - 18 years old

Mondays @ 6pm

Intermediate: 12 years old & under

By appointment only

Speed and power skating program

  • Players will be challenged many different ways off the ice: through strength and conditioning, speed and agility and explosive plyometrics

  • Ice skating treadmill training: Players must be experienced in this area of training and we recommend that you have 10 or more individual or small group sessions completed prior to participating in the Speed and Power Skating Program

  • The ice skating treadmill training will focus primarily on quickness, acceleration, and power

  • Players can expect a typical shift on the treadmill to mimic a typical shift on the ice... We will make you work hard!

  • We recommend that players make sure their edges are freshly sharpened on their skates. It can be very difficult to skate on the treadmill with a dull edge and will limit your ability to perform

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